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What Type Of Content Does Well On Reddit?

Reddit is a global content agregator divided into thousands of small, theme-specific communities known as sub-reddits. They vary in size (measured by the amount of subscribers) with several of the larger communities possessing millions of active subscribers. In other words, just about any type of content can work well as long as it is promoted on the right community. 

Are there any benefits beyond the obvious spike in traffic?

1. Your content can get picked up by bloggers and other social bookmarking sites who will in turn spread it to their readers. 
2. By having your content rated highly on Reddit, you will be seen as an authority in your niche. 
3. Popular Reddit submissions can normally achieve overnight page 1 through 3 rankings on Google for most or some the keywords in their submission titles. (This of course depends on the keywords' level of competition). 

What kind of clients do you work with?

Thanks to the multiple benefits a Reddit promotion can generate we work with many different types of clients including seo companies, news websites, blogs, content-based sites, music labels and artists, video content sites and other marketing firms. 

Do You Offer Any Type of Guarantee?

Absolutely. All our packages come with a first page or your money back guarantee. That means if your submission fails to reach the What's Hot page for the sub-reddit of your choice (which is the section where nearly all users discover new content) you will receive a full refund. The only exception to this guarantee are the 12 largest sub-reddits. 

Can I Pick The Sub-Reddit Where My Content Will Be Submitted?

Indeed you can. There are no restrictions in that sense. 

Do you use bots or software?

Not at all. All sub-reddits have moderators capable of detecting odd or unnatural activity and using bots or software can cause your url to be blacklisted and banned on Reddit which is why we only perform organic campaigns.